Description: "'His one eye can see beyond time. Handy."
On defeat: "Moosh? Lurch? Ah the gang is all here! Come little ones, there is a true enemy to defeat still!"

Zombo is the 19th Hero available to the player. He is encountered for the first time at level 90.

Skills Edit

Level Skill Name Icon Price (Symbolic) Price (SN) Effect
10 Splatter Splatter 931AC 9.31E+23 Increases Zombo's damage by 100%
25 Eye Gouge EyeGouge 2.26AD 2.26E+24 Increases Zombo's damage by 100%
50 Power Punch PowerPunch 9.94AD 9.94E+24 Increase Zombo's damage by 100%
75 Transform Transform 43.7AD 4.37E+25 Increases Tap Damage by % of DPS by 1%

Trivia Edit

  • Zombo's name is likely derived from the word Zombie.
  • Zombo seemingly has 2 hair colors. His beard is a purple-ish shade of grey yet he has brown hair on his head.