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Valor Point upgrades can be extremely potent, but depending on a Hero's selection of skills, they may not be worth upgrading straight away or upgrading at all. This guide offers advice on which upgrades should be prioritized and when a Hero will have enough Valor Points to break even on DPS after an upgrade.

Best Heroes to UpgradeEdit

Tinybolt, Serra and Batkiz are support Heroes. Their bonuses to Gold Dropped and All Hero DPS are extremely valuable, and their overall contribution to DPS is weak, therefore it is worth upgrading them to the next level even if they don't meet the DPS break point.

Lurch, Moosh, Lala and Aidith are the best choices for DPS. They should only be upgraded when they have reached their DPS break points, as listed below.

Tommo is generally the worst Hero to upgrade as he has the worst DPS bonus of all Heroes and his other skills only affect tapping. However, the tapping skills can be useful if you intend to use a tapping build.

Suggested Upgrade StrategyEdit

As the first upgrade only costs 100 VP and no Infinity Gems, it's a good idea to upgrade all Heroes to Level II.

Then upgrade the following Heroes to level III in this order: Lurch, Moosh, Lala, Aidith, Serra, Tinybolt, Batkiz.

After that, begin upgrading those Heroes to level IV as you obtain enough Gems to do so, but make sure that Lurch, Moosh, Lala, and Aidith are past their DPS Break points before you upgrade them. For the support Heroes, Serra, Tinybolt, and Batkiz, upgrade them as soon as you have enough Gems and Valor Points to do so.

Continue with this strategy until the end of the game.

VP TradingEdit

It is possible to trade Valor Points from one Hero to another, either to strengthen the high-DPS Heroes, or to help buy an upgrade on that Hero more quickly. Trading can be risky as 90% of traded Valor Points are lost in the process, and you may find focusing your DPS on only a few Heroes will make it difficult to progress smoothly toward the end of a run.

If you wish to try Valor Point trading, this is the suggested strategy: move Valor Points to the other 7 heroes as needed, starting with Tommo and continuing in this order: Tommo, Bless, Chompy, Toad, Evie, Beefcake, Slith, Sparks, Bones, Leomitus, Aimz, Zombo, and finally Melt.

DPS Break PointsEdit

Lurch, Moosh & LalaEdit

Upgrade To When You Have
II 100 VP
III 629 VP
IV 8,356 VP
V 96,398 VP
VI 1,085,873 VP
VII 7,247,688 VP
VIII 26,612,477 VP
IX 145,376,463 VP
X 315,449,157 VP

Sparks, Bones, Leomitus, Aimz, Melt & AidithEdit

Upgrade To When You Have
II 100 VP
III 677 VP
IV 8,922 VP
V 102,655 VP
VI 1,152,660 VP
VII 7,667,475 VP
VIII 28,061,518 VP
IX 152,822,102 VP
X 330,670,827 VP


Upgrade To When You Have
II 100 VP
III 735 VP
IV 9,606 VP
V 110,083 VP
VI 1,230,747 VP
VII 8,151,799 VP
VIII 29,714,186 VP
IX 161,229,847 VP
X 347,711,168 VP

Chompy, Toad, Evie, Beefcake, Slith & ZomboEdit

Upgrade To When You Have
II 100 VP
III 752 VP
IV 10,064 VP
V 118,032 VP
VI 1,346,357 VP
VII 9,070,906 VP
VIII 33,548,288 VP
IX 184,317,244 VP
X 401,812,589 VP


Upgrade To When You Have
II 100 VP
III 831 VP
IV 11,037 VP
V 128,933 VP
VI 1,463,756 VP
VII 9,812,985 VP
VIII 36,119,303 VP
IX 197,560,876 VP
X 428,933,911 VP


Upgrade To When You Have
II 100 VP
III 871 VP
IV 11,500 VP
V 133,958 VP
VI 1,516,384 VP
VII 10,137,832 VP
VIII 37,222,123 VP
IX 203,142,758 VP
X 440,191,288 VP

Tommo & SerraEdit

Upgrade To When You Have
II 100 VP
III 972 VP
IV 13,234 VP
V 158,991 VP
VI 1,846,054 VP
VII 12,599,900 VP
VIII 47,058,724 VP
IX 260,526,216 VP
X 571,428,472 VP