Commander Tapps

"Fight! Defend! Triumph! This is the way of the knight."

Tapps is the first hero encountered by the player at level 1. Unlike the other heroes, leveling Tapps increases tap damage, not DPS, and Tapps will not be encountered again after level 1 until level 5001. However, he will act as the player's mentor through the game, introducing new features as they are unlocked.

Skills Edit

Level Skill Name Icon Price Effect
10 Strike Strike 38 Increases Base Tap damage by 50%
25 Stab Stab 92 Increases Base Tap Damage by 100%
50 Sharpen Sharpen 408 Increases Base Tap Damage by 150%
75 Slice Slice 1,800 Increases Base Tap Damage by 200%
100 Blade Rain BladeRain 7,910 Increases Base Tap Damage by 300%
200 Inspire Inspire 9.16M Increases All Hero DPS per Tapps level by 0.02%


  • Tapps used to be called Commander Tappity.