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Splash screen on Mobile

The spell Boss Rush in action on web.

Tap Tap Infinity is a graphically awesome mobile and web incremental game. This wiki is for providing information on the game to help new players and old understand how it all works.

The game can be found on the Google, Amazon, and iTunes App Stores, and is found on the web on Kongregate.

The Steam version of TTI is now available!

For discussing the game or posting bugs etc. please use the subreddit : http://www.reddit.com/r/taptapinfinity/ The game dev (ScaryBee) monitors the subreddit so will see anything posted, or if you want to contact him directly try contact@scarybee.com.

Tap Tap Infinity was created at the end of 2014, in Seattle, by a one man indie company (Scary Bee LLC) and a LOT of coffee.

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