Ranks are earned as you play the game through the experience (XP) you earn from killing monsters and clearing a level. Each rank you earn will give you a small boost to DPS, you also unlock your Spells as you gain ranks. Rank 150 is the last rank you earn a spell that you use constantly.

The Ascension spell is earned through ranks, the first time requiring rank 500. After ascending the DPS bonus earned per rank is increased, see the Ascension page for full info on ascending.

The highest rank you are able to get is 3000.

Obtaining RanksEdit

There are three ways to gain ranks;

  1. Monster kills - Each monster killed always gives some XP, the higher the level the more XP you earn. However at higher ranks, this may be so small that it is negligible.  
  2. Level Clears - Each level cleared gives a fixed 1/200th (0.5%) XP needed for the next rank. (Clearing 1000 levels gives 5 Ranks.) 
  3. Mystery Gifts - It's possible to earn ranks from mystery gifts. You will get either 2, 4 or 6 ranks depending on the reward. This will always improve your rank by that amount no matter what rank you are at.

Tips and Tricks for faster RanksEdit

  • Upgrade Speed so you don't have to kill as many monsters to clear a level.
  • Use Endless Focus and Boss Rush at the same time, as long as you are killing bosses instantly or very quickly for the duration of the spell. See our FAQ for tips on when exactly to use Boss Rush.
  • Go infinite as soon as you stop instantly killing monsters.
  • Upgrade Endless Focus to increase its duration and the amount of bonus XP that it earns.