Tap Tap Infinity offers two different ways to display numbers: symbolic and scientific notation. Symbolic is the default. The option to turn scientific notation on and off can be found in the settings menu.

v1.4.1 introduced a new symbolic system which is easier to understand and compare, and is lengthier - the previous symbolic Notation eventually ran out at around &* (E+123) and scientific notation would take over. The old symbolic system has been left in the table for those using older versions of the game.

Note: The following table uses short scale, where one billion is 1,000,000,000 (10^9). This is the standard scale used in most English-speaking countries. However, there is also a long scale used in other countries where billion is 1,000,000,000,000 (10^12). 

Conversion TableEdit

Name Symbolic (Old) Symbolic (New) Scientific
thousand 1K 1K 1E+03
million 1M 1M 1E+06
billion 1B 1B 1E+09
trillion 1T 1T 1E+12
quadrillion 1Q 1AA 1E+15
quintillion 1L 1AB 1E+18
sextillion 1S 1AC 1E+21
septillion 1P 1AD 1E+24
octillion 1O 1AE 1E+27
nonillion 1N 1AF 1E+30
decillion 1D 1AG 1E+33
undecillion 1U 1AH 1E+36
duodecillion 1C 1AI 1E+39
tredecillion 1! 1AJ 1E+42
quattordecillion 1@ 1AK 1E+45
quindecillion 1# 1AL 1E+48
sexdecillion 1$ 1AM 1E+51
septendecillion 1% 1AN 1E+54
octodecillion 1: 1AO 1E+57
novemdecillion 1& 1AP 1E+60
vigintillion 1* 1AQ 1E+63
unvigintillion 1K* 1AR 1E+66
duovigintillion 1M* 1AS 1E+69
trevigintillion 1B* 1AT 1E+72
quattorvigintillion 1T* 1AU 1E+75
quinquavigintillion 1Q* 1AV 1E+78
sesvigintillion 1L* 1AW 1E+81
septemvigintillion 1S* 1AX 1E+84
octovigintillion 1P* 1AY 1E+87
novemvigintillion 1O* 1AZ 1E+90
trigintillion 1N* 1BA 1E+93
untrigintillion 1D* 1BB 1E+96
duotrigintillion 1U* 1BC 1E+99