Prince Leomitus

Description: "Fastest spear in the seven seas."
On defeat: "How did I get here? This isn't my home ... Hero help me find whoever bewitched me!"

Leomitus is the 10th Hero available to the player, first appearing at level 45.

Skills Edit

Level Skill Name Icon Price Effect
10 Pierce Pierce 3.74T Increases Leomitus' damage by 100%
25 Poison Dart PoisonDart 9.09T Increases Leomitus' damage by 100%
50 Spiral Spiral 40T Increases Tap Damage by % of DPS by 1%
75 Kill Shot KillShot 176T Increases Leomitus' damage by 100%
100 Rally Rally 772T Increases All Hero DPS by 25%

Trivia Edit

  • Prince Leomitus might be a reference to Leonidas I, a Greek warrior king of the Greek city-state of Sparta. They have similar names and the monsters that have the same model as Leomitus are named Spartans.