Infinity tokens are an in-game currency dropped by bosses and Superbosses. Tokens are used to buy Guardian skills, upgrade Spells and pay for Ascensions. Active unspent tokens will also increase your DPS by 10% each.

Obtaining Infinity TokensEdit

Infinity tokens can be obtained by defeating a boss at level 30 or later. The greater the level, the more tokens the boss will drop. A boss only has a chance to drop tokens the first time you beat that boss level on a run, so it is not possible to farm bosses repeatedly for tokens. If a boss does not drop any Infinity tokens, the next boss will have +20% chance to drop tokens.

In order for a boss you've defeated to have a chance to drop tokens again, you must go infinite. If you go to the Edge of Infinity when Infinity Tokens or Valor Points are lying on the ground, they will disappear and you will not receive them. Going infinite will convert any inactive tokens you currently hold into active tokens which can be spent or saved for the DPS bonus. Alternatively the Infinity Rift power in the Gem Shop will convert inactive tokens to active tokens without going infinite.

Infinity Tokens can also be bought in the Gem Shop with Infinity Gems.

Token DropsEdit

The Guardian Viraco has two powers which affect token drops. The base token drop chance can be increased to a maximum of 50% by investing tokens in Lucky Roll. Another of Viraco's powers, Force Multiply, will increase the number of tokens each boss drops. Force Multiply has no maximum.

This is the formula to calculate how many tokens you will get from a level, if your FM (Force Multiply) is greater than 20:

ROUND_TO_NEAREST_NUMBER((2+FM/100) * ROUND_UP(((Level - 30)/25)^1.1))