Not to be confused with Valor Points, which were formerly called Infinity Gems.

Infinity Gems are an in-game currency used for buying special boosts and Infinity Tokens in the Gem Shop. They can also be used to upgrade Heroes along with Valor Points. Infinity Gems are obtained by defeating Guardian bosses and Superbosses, or can be found rarely in Mystery Gifts.

Obtaining Infinity GemsEdit

Infinity Gems are guaranteed to drop the first time ever that you defeat a Guardian boss or Superboss. Depending on the type of boss and the level they are on, they may drop multiple Infinity Gems at once.

On later runs, those Guardians or Superbosses whom you have already defeated will have a very small chance to drop a single Infinity Gem again, but only on the first time you defeat that level on that run. As a result of the low drop chance and low drop yields, Infinity Gems are the rarest currency in the game.


Guardian bosses appear for the first time at level 201 and every 100 levels thereafter.

Levels Gem Yield on First Defeat
201 - 1501 1
1601 - 2301 2
2401 - 2901 3
3001 - 3301 4
3401 - 3701 5
3801 - 4001 6
4101 - 4301 7
4401 - 4601 8
4701 - 4801 9
4901 10


Superbosses appear every 500 levels.

Level Superboss Name Gem Yield on First Defeat
500 Varamond the Vicious 2
1000 Princess Myuron 3
1500 Mr Goloomy 4
2000 Pzratnog the Thief 7
2500 Skoll the Devourer 10
3000 Jhin the Eater 17
3500 Mogiks the Wise 27
4000 Dr Xesc 43
4500 Lady Xir 69
5000 Baal 110

Soul LinksEdit

You can soul-link Valentine to get a very small chance for ALL bosses to drop one infinity gem the first time you beat them, each time you go infinite.

Gem ShopEdit

You can also purchase Gems in the Gem Shop using Kreds or cash. Visit the Gem Shop page for further information.

Mystery GiftsEdit

Mystery Gifts may also contain 1 to 3 Gems, although this is rather rare. 

v1.2.11 Gem NerfEdit

Guaranteed gem drops from Superbosses were lowered drastically in a recent update. The amounts pre- and post-update can be compared in this spreadsheet. Guardian gem drops remain unchanged.



To calculate the number of tokens each guardian drops yourself, obtain the guardiannumber by removing the last 2 digits of the level number, then subtracting 1 (e.g. 201 = 201 = 2 - 1 = 1, or 3001 = 3001 = 30 - 1 = 29). Or you can use the following formula, then round the result down to a whole number:

(level/100) - 1 = guardiannumber (make sure to round this down to an integer)

Then put the guardiannumber into the following formula:


You then need to floor the result (round it down to a whole number - don't round it up.)