Heroes are characters you can hire to fight for you after you have defeated them as bosses.

There are currently 21 obtainable Heroes, which appear as bosses at level 1 and every level that is a multiple of 5 until level 100. Hiring and levelling a Hero costs gold and will increase your DPS or tap damage. At various level milestones, all the Heroes except Tapps receive DPS bonuses (listed below). The maximum hero level is 9000.

Each hero also has four to six skills, unlocked at certain Hero levels and bought with gold, which confer various bonuses such as increases to hero DPS, tap damage, critical tap damage, critical tap chance, gold dropped, and more. These skills can be upgraded with Infinity Gems and Valor Points.

Guardians and Superbosses may also become obtainable in some form in a future update.

Damage BonusesEdit

All Heroes except Tapps receive a damage bonus on reaching a certain level milestone. 

Level Damage Bonus Notes

Every 25 levels from 200


Does not stack with other bonuses for x00 levels.

1000 x10
2000 x100

Every 1000 levels from 3000 to 9000


List of HeroesEdit