The Gem Shop offers special boosts, Soul Links and extra Infinity Tokens in exchange for Infinity Gems. You can also buy Infinity Gems in the Gem Shop with Kreds or real money.

The Shop can be accessed by tapping the Gem Shop icon in the top left, which resembles a shopping cart with an Infinity Gem in it. Alternatively you can use the S hotkey on PC versions of the game.

Shop InventoryEdit


The first tab of the Gem Shop offers Infinity Gems  in exchange for Kreds (on Kongregate) or cash. Buying Infinity Gems in the shop will permanently remove ads from your game.

Name No. of Gems Price (Kreds) Price (USD) Price (GBP)
Handful of Gems 20 20 $1.99 £1.49
Bag of Gems 100 90 $8.99 £6.99
Chest of Gems 320 250 $24.99 £18.99
Cart of Gems 760 500 $49.99 £39.99


The Infinity Token shop options available depend on your lifetime tokens. If you have earned fewer than 500 lifetime tokens, the token amounts for sale are predetermined, as shown in the table below.

No. of Tokens Price 
10 5 Gems
100 40 Gems
500 125 Gems

If you have earned more than 500 tokens, the token options for sale are a percentage of your lifetime tokens, as follows:

% of Lifetime Tokens Price
5% 40 Gems
20% 140 Gems
50% 300 Gems


Name Price Effect
Power Reset 20 Gems

Refunds all Infinity Tokens spent on Guardian Powers and Spell upgrades. Powers and Spells are then reset.

Warp Infinity 10 Gems

Side-step time itself to zoom 24 hours into the future! All Spell cooldowns are reset and you gain 24 hours of gold earning.

Infinity Rift 10 Gems Immediately gain all of your Inactive Tokens as Active Tokens without needing to go infinite.

Soul LinksEdit

The Gem Shop also offers a number of Soul Links. Some Soul Links are only available if you have beaten a certain Guardian or Superboss. See the Soul Links page for a full list of available Soul Links, plus their costs, effects and unlock conditions.