Fae Queen Serra

Description: "'One faery kiss and all that glitters •is• gold."
On defeat: "Blinded I have been, confused by the whispers I hear still. Come let us find what dark power does this!"

Fae Queen Serra is the 16th available Hero, appearing for the first time at level 75.

Skills Edit

Level Skill Name Icon Price (Symbolic) Price (SN) Effect
10 Gold Hook GoldHook 148AB 1.48E+20 Increases Serra's damage by 100%
25 Smelting Smelting 360AB 3.60E+20 Increases Serra's damage by 100%
50 Golden Aura GoldenAura 1.58AC 1.58E+21 Increases Gold dropped by 25%
75 Faery Faery 6.95AC 6.95E+21 Increases Gold dropped by 25%
100 Sparkle Sparkle 30.5AC 3.05E+22 Increases Gold dropped by 50%

Trivia Edit

  • Fae Queen Serra was originally named Molten Fury.
  • Fae Queen Serra has more skills that enhance gold dropped than any other hero in the game.
  • Her fifth skill, Sparkle, was originally named Lucky Strike. It was renamed to avoid confusion with the Spell Lucky Strikes.