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A list of common abbreviations used by players.

Abbreviation Stands for Type Rank/ Guardian Effect/ Uses


Pre-1st Ascension

Ascension - 2% DPS per rank
A1 1st Ascension Ascension - 4% DPS per rank
A2 2nd Ascension Ascension - 6% DPS per rank
BR Boss Rush Spell 150 Speeds through Boss levels
EF Endless Focus Spell 50 Increases XP gain
FM Force Multiply Guardian Power Viraco Increases Infinity Token drops
IT Infinity Tokens Currency - -
LI Liquid Infinity Spell 100 Guarantees Infinity Token and Valor Point drops
MS Monstrous Strength Spell 125 Can tap without breaking idle mode
TC Time Crunch Guardian Power Apoc Decreases Spell cooldowns
TH Train Heroes Guardian Power Apoc 11% additive DPS per token spent
VP Valor Points Currency - -
WH Wormhole Guardian Power Apoc Skips levels