King Bones

Description: "Feels no pain but inflicts enough for a lifetime."
On defeat: "Ahhh I am freed! My skeletons will fight with you! Unless ... you're not afraid, are you?"

Bones is the 9th Hero available to the player. He appears for the first time at level 40.

Skills Edit

Level Skill Name Icon Price Effect
10 Dragon's Tooth DragonsTooth 203B Increases Bones' damage by 100%
25 Enrage Enrage 493B Increases all Hero DPS by 25%
50 Death Stare DeathStare 2.17T Increases all Bones' damage by 100%
75 Death's End DeathsEnd 9.51T Increases Bones' damage by 100%
100 Clash Clash 41.8T Increases Critical Tap Damage multiplier by 1

Trivia Edit