Emperor Batkiz

Description: "The real flying purple people eater."
On defeat: "Flee! You must flee! My master will devour us all!"

Batkiz is the 20th and penultimate Hero available to the player. He is encountered on level 95.


Level Skill Name Icon Price (Symbolic) Price (SN) Effect
10 Charm Charm 17.2AD 1.72E+25 Increases Batkiz's damage by 100%
25 Magic Missile MagicMissile 41.8AD 4.18E+25 Increases all Hero DPS by 25%
50 Electrify Electrify 183AD 1.83E+26 Increases all Hero DPS by 50%
75 Pulse Pulse 806AD 8.06E+26 Increases Tap Damage by % of DPS by 1%
100 Shock Wave ShockWave 3.54AE 3.54E+27 Increases Critical Tap Damage Multiplier by 1