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At last, your first Ascension!

Ascension is the act of resetting your rank in order to receive greater DPS bonuses for each rank. The Ascension Spell can be acquired for the first time at rank 500 and costs Infinity Tokens to activate.

Ascension only resets your rank - your level, Guardian powers, Infinity Tokens and so on will not change. After ascending, you will temporarily lose your Spells until you have regained the rank necessary to unlock each one, but you will not lose any Spell upgrades you have previously bought. Your Spells will be ready to use as soon as you have unlocked them again.

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Ascension spell appears above Spell Book

There is currently no limit to the number of times you can ascend. Each time you ascend, the rank needed to ascend again increases by 100, up to the rank cap of 3000.

It is not possible to 'skip' ascensions or start on a higher rank after ascension by going to a higher rank than necessary. Even if you ascend for the first time at rank 3000, you would still be at A1 rank 1 immediately after doing so.

Ascension Costs & BonusesEdit

No. Rank Needed Token Cost DPS Bonus per Rank Rank for DPS Recovery*
A0 n/a n/a 2% 0
A1 500 100k 4% 250
A2 600 200k 6% 400
A3 700 300k 10% 420
A4 800 500k 18% 444
A5 900 1m 34% 477
A6 1000 1.5m 66% 515
A7 1100 3m 130% 559
A8 1200 6m 258% 605
A9 1300 9m 514% 653
A10 1400 12m 1,026% 701
A11 1500 15m 2,050% 751
A12 1600 18m 4,098% 800
A13 1700 21m 8,194% 850
A14 1800 24m 16,386% 900
A15 1900 27m 32,770% 950
A16 2000 30m 65,538% 1000
A17 2100 33m 131,074% 1050
A18 2200 36m 262,146% 1100
A19 2300 39m 524,290% 1150
A20 2400 42m 1,048,578% 1200

Rank for DPS Recovery: This is the rank required at the new A# to match the rank DPS multiplier you had before ascending. For example, for A0 at rank 500 you have a 11x multiplier; upon ascending to A1 you need to get to rank 250 to get back to the 11x multiplier that you lost by ascending.  Note this assumes all other DPS modifiers are the same ( i.e. you have the same number of active Tokens and Guardian powers such as Train Heroes/Conquest/etc.) The first time you reach the DPS Recovery rank after ascending, you won't have the exact same DPS as before because you lost the DPS bonus from the Tokens you spent on ascending.

Further costs and bonuses can be calculated with the formulae below.


Token Cost FormulaEdit

From A1-A6, the token costs are fixed. From A7, token costs increase linearly by 3 million tokens each time, and so can be calculated with the following formula:

(current ascensions - 5) * 3,000,000

DPS Bonus FormulaEdit

DPS bonuses for A1+ can be calculated with the following formula by substituting a for the number of ascensions:

2 + 2^a